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The main principle of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning remains the protection and improvement of the lives of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. MESP main priorities will focus on the implementation of environmental policies, which will be implemented throughout the year 2012.


  • Rehabilitation of rivers
    On 2 November 2011, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo took the decision to stop the exploitation of inert materials from the beds, river banks and surrounding areas in the whole territory of the Republic of Kosovo. This decision requires operators to withdraw their machines within the time limit specified in the decision, on the contrary, MESP has the right of seizure and its transformation property of the Government. In 2012, will intensify the implementation of the decision of the Inspectorate of MESP, concrete steps will be taken for the removal of sand and gravel stockpiles will continue cutting machinery and will be implemented for long-term rehabilitation plan rivers.
  • Illegal quarries
    This year will be a work prohibited illegal operators and will begin rehabilitation of devastated areas, based on the powers that MESP and environmental compliance.
  • Plastic bags
    During 2012, MESP will be committed to the prevention and disposal of plastic bags through the Environment Fund. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the special tax on products that are recognized as environmental pollutants (packaging).
  • Car cemetery
    Based on Administrative Instruction 02/2009, the priority for this year will be the removal of recyclers and processors of old vehicles from the main shaved. While one of the following measures will be to raise the environmental standards of work for all businesses in this industry.
  • Fund for Environmental Protection
    Draft Environmental Fund aims to support long-term rehabilitation and protection of the vulnerable nature of Kosovo. Environmental Fund will collect revenues from polluting industries and they will be destine for the protection, sustainable development and environmental rehabilitation.
  • Integrated Environmental licenses and permits
    Relying on decisions on integrated environmental permits and licenses for the largest polluters, MESP will observe the most efficient implementation of the measures provided for by law and the degree of their impact on the environment. Integrated permit required by law for the integrated prevention and control of environmental pollution that is in full compliance with the European directive 96/61 EC of the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control).
  • Forest destroyers
    Taking strict measures against illegal devastating forest will continue this year. Also will continue the implementation of the decisions of the double surface of Kosovo's national parks.
  • Hade village relocation and Open New Coal Mines
    Completion of infrastructure for the new location of Hade village. All owners have already been made ​​compensation and allocation of plots. In parallel, the project foresees the spatial development of the area with special focus on the development of mines and new power plants and their effects on its surrounding area.
  • Memorial Complex "Adem Jashari"
    Although all five phases of work have been completed for this year provided housing conservation preparations resistance "Memorial Complex Adem Jashari" and the construction of the center of the complex.
  • Memorial "Dr. Ibrahim Rugova "
    Earlier this year the announcement of conceptual design and the start of works for the Memorial Dr. Ibrahim Rugova and associated facilities.

Based on budget reports and financial statements of the Ministry of Finance, all MESP departments are committed to the implementation of capital projects set out in the report.

Dardan Gashi

Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning